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  • You Don't have to Suffer from Irritating Canker Sores
    We've all had them — tiny sores that pop up seemingly out of nowhere under the tongue or the inside of the cheek. They're named aphthous ulcers, but are Read more
  • Take Care of Your Dental Appliance to Extend its Longevity
    What do dentures, retainers and nightguards have in common? Along with orthodontic aligners and athletic mouthguards, they’re all types of removable dental appliances. They also share another commonality: each Read more
  • Actor David Ramsey Says: Don't Forget to Floss!
    Can you have healthy teeth and still have gum disease? Absolutely! And if you don’t believe us, just ask actor David Ramsey. The cast member of TV hits such Read more
  • Elliff Dental Welcome Blog
    Welcome to Elliff Dental, we offer the best in Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. We look forward to keeping you up to date with the latest in the dental field. Stay Read more
  • Why Choose Invisalign?
    Three Reasons Adults Choose Invisalign Invisalign—it’s a popular choice for straightening teeth, and it’s a convenient choice for adults. Why? Well, adults are most likely to ask for invisible braces Read more