Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Batavia, IL


Dentist in Batavia, IL During your appointment today, one or more of your teeth were prepared for a crown or bridge. A temporary crown was fabricated for each prepared tooth. Temporary crowns are cemented with a temporary dental cement to allow for easy removal at your next appointment. Temporary crowns are of a more universal shape and shade. Your final restoration will be shaped and shaded to match your other teeth in both color and function.

Until your next appointment:

  • Whenever anesthesia is used, avoid chewing on your teeth until the numbness has worn off.
  • You may experience sensitivity to temperature and pressure, gum soreness and slight discomfort on the tooth. It should subside after the placement of the permanent crown.
  • Avoid hard or sticky foods that may dislodge temporary crowns, such as hard chewy breads, chewy candies, and hard crunchy foods.
  • Do not bite into foods such as corn on the cob or apples.
  • If a temporary crown becomes loose or comes off, try to place it back onto the tooth and call the office to get it cemented.
  • Acrylic temporaries can attract more bacterial plaque than natural teeth; therefore it is important to brush normally and return to get the permanent crown placed.
  • Mild to moderate discomfort after dental work is common. An over the counter pain reliever/anti-inflammatory is recommended for patients who are able to tolerate them. If discomfort increases, please call the office.
  • Remember if the bite feels uneven please call the office so it can be adjusted.

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