Immediate Dentures


If you have received any form of sedation, do not operate a motor vehicle for 24 hours.

With an immediate denture, you will not need to change any guaze. The denture will act as a band-aid. Oozing of blood around the denture is normal and should not be cause for concern. The bleeding will gradually lessen over the first several hours. If for any reason you are concerned about the amount of bleeding you are having, please call the office.

You may eay and drink. Soft foods are advisable for at least 24 hours. Try to avoid the surgical site when eating. Drink as much liquid as possible, but do not be on a liquid diet. Do not consume liquids through a straw. You may resume normal physical activity as tolerated 2-3 days after your surgery.

Do not rinse your  mouth with anything for 24 hours; however, continue to brush your remaining teeth carefully. After 24 hours, in addition to your routine brushing, gently rinse your mouth with a lukewarm salt-water solution (made by dissolving 1/2 teaspoon of table salt in an 8 oz glass of warm water.) Rinse 3 to 4 times a day for four or five days. Take care not to strain or empty your mouth with undue force.

Take all medications as prescribed. If a pain medication is written, you should not operate a motor vehicle while taking this medication. Some discomfort may be expected following oral surgery procedures.

Leave the dentures in for the first 24 hours to help reduce swelling. You may remove them the next morning to start your salt-water rinses. Put your dentures back in immediately after rinsing. Leave your dentures in at night until you are instructed differently.

Sutures, if they are used, do not usually have to be removed. If your sutures require removal, this will be done during the post-operative appointment.

Possible Complications:

  • Swelling is common after oral surgery for up to one week with the maximum amount of swelling usually present on the second day after surgery. The swelling will slowly resolve over 4-7 days. Impacted teeth and involved surgical procedures warrant an early application of ice and particular attention of oral cleanliness. Apply an ice bag to the outside of the face for 20 minutes, then leave off for 20 minutes. Repeat this procedure for 24 hours, and then discontinue using ice. This will reduce discomfort, bleeding, and swelling.
  • Discoloration of the face may ocur following surgery. This should not cause concern.
  • Tightness in the cheeck and limitation in opening the mouth may occur for several days. The warm salt-water rinses will be helpful in relieving this discomfort.
  • You may notice sharp bony projections. During the healing process, these fragments of bone may loosen and work up through the gum. These are not roots. Often they work out by themselves. Return for their removal if they are uncomfortable.

If you are concerned about any event following your surgery, please call the office. Problems following surgery are best managed during regular office hours. If you have a problem that cannot wait until regular office hours, you may reach our doctors by calling our office.