Dental Crowns Strengthen Damaged Teeth

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Dental Crowns Strengthen Damaged Teeth

Could a dental crown give you a stronger, healthier smile?

Many people have to turn to dental crowns at some point to restore a broken or damaged tooth. This tooth-shaped cap fits over the visible portion of a tooth to strengthen it so that it can function properly without incurring further damage. A dental crown is one of the most commonly placed restorations. Our Batavia, IL, dentists Drs. Andrew & Laura Elliff may recommend a dental crown to,

  • Keep a weak or cracked tooth together
  • Cover a severely worn or broken tooth
  • Protect a tooth that has extensive decay or has a filling that can no longer fully support the tooth
  • Preserve a tooth after root canal treatment
  • Improve the appearance of a misshapen or severely discolored tooth
  • Cover a dental implant to replace a single tooth
  • Support a dental bridge to fill gaps in your smile due to tooth loss

Dental crowns are custom-made based on impressions that our Batavia restorative dentists will take of your smile. The crown is designed to cover the entire visible portion of the tooth all the way to the gumline, where it is cemented into place. Nowadays, most crowns are made from porcelain or resin because they are designed to look like real tooth enamel and blend in with the rest of your smile.

We know how important it is for patients to be able to get restorations that look as close to real teeth as possible, which involves using the very best and most realistic materials possible from which to craft your crown.

How to Care for Your Crown

Once your crown is placed you want it to last as long as it possibly can and luckily you can dictate how long it lasts by ensuring that you care for it properly. Crowns can last many years with the proper care, but it’s important to brush and floss your teeth daily and to avoid certain bad habits that could chip or crack your new tooth. If you have questions about caring for your new crown don’t hesitate to talk with one of our dentists.

Whether you have questions about getting dental crowns from our Batavia, IL, dental team or you want to find out if this restoration is right for you, don’t hesitate to call Elliff Dental today at (630) 482-7200 to schedule a consultation.