Dental Implants: Benefits and Why Its a Better Option Over Others

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  • Dental Implants: Benefits and Why Its a Better Option Over Others
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Dental Implants: Benefits and Why Its a Better Option Over Others

Whether you’ve had several or just one tooth removed, you will require a reliable replacement solution to fill the spaces left by the lost teeth. Fortunately, you have several choices when it comes to teeth replacement, including dental implants. With dental implants, the biocompatible titanium implant fuses with the jawbone, strengthening it, and ensuring the stability of the restoration in place.

Dr. Andrew Elliff and Dr. Laura Elliff, your dentists here at Elliff Dental in Batavia, IL, offer dental implants among other teeth replacement options. But what makes implants the best tooth-replacement option? To answer this question, take a look at the cosmetic and functional benefits that they offer.

Dental Implants Preserve and Support Your Remaining Teeth

In some cases, a tooth that’s severely infected or decayed just can’t be saved that the only option is to extract it. When you lose a tooth, the neighboring tooth will need to bear the extra weight of your biting force, which could lead to shifting or cracking over time.

Likewise, this open space will narrow down and cause your other teeth to become loose, tilt, or shift. Fortunately, filling in space with an implant will help keep your teeth in place and healthy.

Dental Implants Help Maintain Your Facial Structure

Jawbone loss leads to that sunken look. While you won’t see its effects immediately, in 10 or so years, you will definitely notice your face taking on that gaunt look that makes you look older than you really are. But having your dentist in Batavia, IL, place an implant in space will combat jawbone deterioration by promoting bone growth.

Dental Implants Can Give You Back Your Smile

Besides replacing your teeth, dental implants can also give you back your smile and ensure that it feels and looks natural because of the natural-looking dental crowns on top of them. If you’re replacing multiple teeth, the dental implants can also be topped off with dentures. This is called implant-supported dentures or denture implants.

Dental Implants Restore Your Natural Speaking and Chewing Functions

Aside from giving you an aesthetically-pleasing smile, implants likewise restore your ability to speak and chew properly. Because dental implants essentially become one with your jawbone and gums, just like your real teeth, you’ll be able to eat and speak like how you did before you lost a tooth or two.

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