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  • Who To Call For A Dental Emergency?
    Dental Emergency? Don’t Panic, We’re Here to HelpNobody can predict a dental emergency. That’s what makes them so terribly inconvenient. The good news is that Elliff Dental is always available Read more
  • When to See an Emergency Dentist
    Routine dental care helps reduce the likelihood of dental emergencies, but accidents and illnesses can and do happen. At Elliff Dental in Batavia, Illinois, our dentists are well-trained in dealing Read more
  • Know What to Do - and When - in Case of a Dental Injury
    “Don’t panic” is your first priority when faced with a sudden mouth injury. Of course, that may be easier said than done when you or a family member has Read more
  • Emergencies and What to Do
    Dental emergencies can cause quite a stir, especially when they result in serious pain or a missing tooth. However, knowing what actions to take in the first moments of these Read more
  • What to Do During a Dental Emergency
    Getting your tooth knocked out, chipped or cracked during a game of soccer or football may cause you to panic and worry. Not everyone knows what to do during this Read more